For the longest time they were unaware of anything, any time…any place, just each other as Speedy swept Polly into his arms again. In combat, he wears white armor with a white and red helmet symbolizing the rising sun. True, her kisses were nice and sweet, but Polly's were unlike anything he had ever felt before! "Polly…Kitten," he said softly, kissing her forehead. He looked so handsome, it took her breath away. "Speedy," she gasped, before he covered her mouth with more kisses. "You ever say something that just came out of your mouth and it turned out to be so dumb that you wish that you'd never opened your mouth at all?" he thought. "No, I'm NOT going to screw this up again!" Take the opportunity..and good luck!" I try and I try but I…it's so hard to control it, and I'm so sorry!!" "Oh…nothing, Uncle Irving.." In a small corner behind some bushes Irving hid and watched this lovely scene in front of him with his wife, Lydia, and Lucille. "Oh, man, who am I trying to kid? "Yeah?" He sighed. There's your opportunity! "Speedy, are you in love?" In the Japanese version, he goes under the identity Nyanki 1gou (ニャンキー1号, Nyanki 1gou), the leader of the Samurai Pizza Cats. "I went shopping with Lucille this afternoon." Ein großer LED-Fernseher sowie ein WLAN-Zugang sind vorhanden. In fact, he could barely concentrate on anything…..anything except one single thought that had hounded him ever since the party started. "Go on." "where have you been all night? I had a chance…I had a chance to tell…I.." "I'll show you destiny!" Despite being the protagonist, he never manages to pilot the Supreme Catatonic until the final battle. Polly blushed as they swayed to the music. We're in the wrong line of work! we should be matchmakers! Almost everyone in Little Tokyo was there, enjoying the finest food supplied by the Royal Caterers, dancing to the best music by the Royal Musicians in their special box at the front of the Golden Dance Room, and just being thankful that they COULD be able to do this! "Uncle Irving…I don't know why it took me so long to see this, I mean we've been together since we were kittens.." Polly, I love you, but I'm doing it all wrong, and you probably think I'm a bigger goof than before. Disclaimer: Neither Merigirl nor I claim any rights to the Samurai Pizza Cats, or to any of the characters. Guido of course didn't help by jumping all over me…" What if she hates me now, or she thinks I'm a goof?" The Royal Palace was filled with tinkling lights and brightly colored decorations for the Victory Ball that Princess Vi had ordered in celebration of the Comet's destruction. "Hey…anything wrong?" Speedy nodded. Speedy paused. So you can be goofy, if she loves you it won't matter!" Disclaimer: Neither Merigirl nor I claim any rights whatsoever to Samurai Pizza Cats, or to any of the characters. You're yourself and that's what I admire. (Speedy, Guido and the Rescue Team had designs lacking armor, but not helmets.) I just thought I felt so strongly for you cause you're my best friend, but now I know you're more than that. He felt like he was floating on air, like the whole world vanished and they were alone floating on their own special cloud. He has a sharp sense of humor and often provides sarcastic and witty dialogue but remains very committed to his duties. She glanced at the direction of the Palace…then back to where Speedy was. I only thought I did…but I don't. He couldn't say such a special thing in front of so many like it was just a show, so he tried to think of something, anything else to say…and the only thing that came out was that pizza joke…and he saw how irritated it had made her! I had the chance to tell her..and I couldn't..not with so many people looking at us! He gazed upon her, into her lovely blue eyes..God she was even lovelier than she had looked to him when he came back from destroying the comet. "Yeah, and I always thought of her as just my best friend…but now…Uncle...I can't stop thinking about her! He looked down. ', Lucille laughed as she stared at this lovely scene before her. Speedy turned his head toward Polly. Speedy took her hand and helped her up. What are you doing hidden over here, we've all been looking for ya! Speedy gazed at Polly. In the Japanese version, she goes under the identity Nyanki 3gou (ニャンキー3号), the only girl of the Pizza Cats. Lucille and I…we broke up." Polly Esther (プルルン, Pururun) is the main heroine of the series. "Put a sword in his hand there's no stopping him, but he can't tell his old uncle what's bothering him!" "Polly…" 'You're wearing the suit I gave you," she said softly. Wedding Bells for Speedy and Polly. "Why did I make that stupid joke?" "For what?" but when I'm out delivering, that's not gonna happen anymore. "I love you, Speedy…and I always have. Polly battles evil with the power of love where she charms her foes in close-range of her razor-sharp claws. Speedy, Polly, I want to congratulate you both on this, the happiest day of both of your lives, and I know that, no matter what challenges lay ahead down the road of your lives, you’ll face them, and overcome them, with the same courage and determination, that has allowed you both to make it to this wonderful day. she said. Speedy has a crush on Lucille and later, Polly… She didn't SOUND mad. "So, go tell her now!" "Uh..heh, yeah.." What he wanted to tell her was personal and private…but how private could they possibly be when practically all of Little Tokyo was staring at both of them?! "Yeah, it's a great suit," Speedy said eagerly. "It's really pretty.." Speedy said. "God, why was I so stupid?!" "Oh, Speedy..I need to apologize, too," Polly said. Come on, Buddy. You're also honest, kind, daring, brave, you never put yourself first, you always think of Tokyo and constantly risk your life to make sure it's alright…anyone would be lucky to have you! I mean, all this time I thought I loved Lucille…but she never made me feel like this whenever I thought of her…and I never stuttered or forgot my words whenever I spoke! "For that stupid 'make me a pizza' joke I did last night. He smiled smugly. He smiled. Irving gently nudged him. In the meantime, Speedy is worried that he's ruined his chance to be with Polly, the cat he loves with all his heart. We also stock pet clothes to support health concerns and special needs. Suddenly his blue suit could have been a tuxedo. Let it all out!" What's wrong?". he thought. "Huh?" "Polly, this should come as no real surprise…but I'm really no good at this kind of stuff…" "Oh, of course I did. Polly….what I felt was really...Polly Esther….I love you!" He has green eyes and wears white armor. Südlich vor den Toren der Landeshauptstadt Dresden, nahe der Talsperre Malter, empfängt Sie unser gemütliches, ca. For a moment, Speedy looked at the lovely form of Polly in his arms and a slow smile crept along his face. "So…who's the lucky girl?" "Maybe it was destiny." His last name is also spelled as "Service" in the. He sighed, she was so beautiful….and he had no doubt ruined any chance he thought he might have had with her by blurting out that dumb 'Make me a pizza' joke! She silently released him, and smiled. he thought. "Polly…before I tell you anything else...I need to say I'm sorry. " Speedy is the leader with a strong sense of justice. Speedy, you're one of a kind too. "Why not? It's YOUR party, ya know! and has a 54 cm (1.9") long tail. Nowadays whenever I see Polly…she's so beautiful and so amazing I can hardly breathe! He finally let go and blurted out everything that was in his heart and soul. Your review has been posted. "She's right over there, Speedy! "I love you, too," Polly said, surprised at how easy it was to say. "Polly…I want to be alone with you," Speedy whispered into her ear. "Yeah…and I blew it! In the meantime, Speedy is worried that he's ruined his chance to be with Polly, the cat he loves with all his heart. Speedy sighed. "I blew it, Uncle Irving. Will Speedy and Polly finally be together? "It might be easier if you say it very fast. "Who knows," she said, looking into his eyes. Samurai Pizza Cats Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. he laughed at his joke until he saw Speedy's face. Congratulations!” Next up, was Polly’s father. The top was bright red . "I'm not," Speedy said. He finally looked up at the happiness all around him…but he was unable to take his eyes off the amazingly lovely Cat that was in a corner talking to her friend. After a while she heard the band play an anthem and reluctantly pulled away from Speedy as he put her down. "You look really handsome as well, Speedy," Polly said, running her hand through his hair. "I was so stupid…so stupid.." Even Guido got annoyed with him for his joke until he had explained to him his reason. Guido gives Speedy a bit of a hard time, but Polly is quick to come to her boyfriend's defense. But if it really is, I'm gonna make sure I do this before I wake up." He never felt anything like this for Lucille! That I think happens to everyone!" "Morning, Speedy!" "Oh, Polly loves it, too!" "Uh…that's a really pretty dress you're wearing, Polly. "I might be leader, but I don't think I'll ever understand why you and I were at each other's throats a lot.