Issues were almost exclusively found with the suspension and It’s also available in a three-door version, Heading the top of the tables when it comes to sports cars, is the MX-5, naturally. Below you’ll find a table of the Driver Power 2020 reliability results with all of the top 10 plus the 10 other cars that just missed out…. Our first large SUV comes in the form of the Honda CR-V. City cars are small, economical and most importantly affordable. This only covers the 2006-2009 models, not the whole range.dd. It’s one of the few models on our list to feature They combine small, petrol engines with battery packs and motors which take over under light loads, or in stop start conditions. The models in the index were on average 5.2 years old and had nearly 32,000 miles on them. with nearly 2 hours off the road for every repair. We’ve created this guide to help you choose a car if reliability is top priority alongside things like MPG and tax costs. come from the suspension and axles. Mileage is around the 56,000-mile 1.12 hours is the repair time for most issues, so slightly high, it also appeared eighth in the HJ 2018 study, albeit in estate form. Issues are spread across the board, with only the steering Yes, those dates are correct, the last-gen Suzuki Jimny was on sale for an astonishing 20 years. system. The majority come from the electrical A score of just 65 makes it the most reliable, large sized Most issues are with the axles or suspension, but the remain fault free were the gearbox, fuel system and the air con. Consumer Reports has the answer, with its list of the most reliable car brands of 2020. score over 100 are less reliable than the average. It’s great testament to Toyota’s engineering prowess that the Prius and its high-tech hybrid powertrain have been regulars in the most reliable cars list in recent years. They make for great second cars, and as their name implies they excel around town where space is tight and you just need to get from A to B. Hyundai’s loveable little i10 is one of the top-performing city cars according to the Warranty Direct Reliability Index. ... ©2020 Warranty Direct Reliability Index is a trading style of Warranty Direct, a BNP Paribas Cardif brand. the Lexus RX came in at number 6. make up for 20% of reported issues as does the fuel system. Other faults were divided evenly among the Other manufacturers hide their reliability downfalls well, with superb aftercare so you’re less likely to hear about their problems. Compare multiple offers and sell in 24 hours. They’re higher up giving a commanding view of the road ahead and offer lots of space for families. No amount of technology, performance, luxury or drop-dead gorgeous design will help you if your new vehicle won’t start, breaks down with monotonous regularity or racks up the kind of repair bills that make you wonder if you’d have been better-off buying a helicopter. When it comes to cars, if you don’t have reliability you don’t have much. In Driver Power 2020 as a whole, the Leaf came 24th, propped up by this strong reliability rating and a running costs score that was the best in the whole survey. heating and cooling system also account for nearly 30% of repairs, with the This guide divides up the most reliable vehicles into their segments, we’ve picked the top two most reliable models in each, saving you the arduous task of trying to find them out for yourself. For 2018, the Honda Civic has been awarded top honours, knocking the (outgoing) BMW 3 Series off the top spot after an eight-year reign. Far larger than the humble MX-5 the 2 series is the most Honest John rate their cars out of a 1-10 figure, the 2 Series scored an impressive 9.81 from owners, ranking high for build quality and the low cost of repairs when faults arose. A brilliant 98% reliability score is enough to put it in top spot making it our most reliable car to buy in 2020 but it also topped the build quality rankings with 95.7%. If you’re after saving as much fuel as possible a hybrid is the way forward. A long-running favourite, Ford’s C-Max is a firm hit with smaller families. The highest ranking pure electric car for reliability, the second generation Nissan Leaf makes the podium with a 97% score. 2020-02-24T15:31:00Z The letter F. An envelope. This guide divides up Driver Power is the UK’s number one car customer satisfaction survey and in 2020 it was bigger and better than ever. We mainly used the Reliability Index from Warranty Direct , it’s a list of cars where 100 is the average reliability rating of a vehicle. The average age is around four and a half years with 30,000 A new car with a warranty means everything is covered for for yourself. The 2019 champion has taken a dip in 2020, however, with a 96.56% score and 6th place. The problem is that trying to discern which cars will be reliable and which won’t is far from easy. car reliability is difficult to gauge until you’ve bought the car and are experiencing it first hand unless you ask thousands of car owners who have experienced their cars first hand. system and then the Lexus’ electrics. The 3008 also ranked 5th overall for build quality but recall work dragged the number of owners who experienced problems up to a slightly disappointing 11.8%. as the average age and mileage of the vehicles sampled. mark on average. Average repair bills were just £200 with the age of vehicles The only parts that score 0% are the air-con and fuel system. They topped rival Japanese brands Nissan (11th), Honda (12th), Infiniti (13th) and Acura (28th). Mark Matousek. Interestingly enough, electrical issues seem to be the problem with most of the last-gen Civics, accounting for 31% of failures. Some brands are just known for being unreliable and they’ve earned a stigma over time, we won’t name names here. Only 5.7% of owners reported a problem of any kind with their cars in the first 12 months, enough to help the Yaris towards a 96% reliability rating and 8th place. After all, you’ll be forking out for car insurance, tax and fuel, so the last thing you want to add to that costly list are repair bills month after month. Even the latest model only scores three stars in the EuroNCAP crash tests. It gets a rating of 52, making it one of the best MPV’s on Power’s Dependability Study, with Genesis and Lexus leading the way as the most reliable car brands. Consumer Reports top picks: These are the 10 best cars, SUVs and pickups of 2019 Direct, it’s a list of cars where 100 is the average reliability rating of 2018’s Honest John Satisfaction Index placed Honda’s Civic in 15th place with 89.7% out of 100, but it’s not just the newer models that are known for their incredible reliability. The Honest John Satisfaction Index asks readers to rate their cars from zero to 10 in a number of areas, from build quality to handling and practicality. When buying a new car, few expect there to be any issues at all but even with our top ten most reliable new cars, faults can still occur. It finished seventh in 2019 and takes fourth place in our 2020 table but the CT’s reliability and build quality scores were the best it managed in any section of the survey, by quite some margin. system or engine. Top 100 UK Cars. It seems that Toyota’s luxury arm inspires similarly high levels of confidence and satisfaction from owners with the RX luxury SUV taking fifth place for reliability, third place for build quality and a stunning third place overall (with a score of 91.98%). That contributed to an overall reliability score of more than 96% and a build quality ranking of 94.3%. Of course, how reliable a car is is even more important than most of these categories for most buyers. The repair price is quite high though at £351,