Remember, even the slightest variation to the data being hashed will result in a different unique hash value. It is also your right to resign from a labor union at any time without threat of discrimination or fine from your former union. In 2007, the IBEW targeted the Toering Electric Company for a salting campaign and also used an “alternative strategy of imposing such costs on a non-union employer as will cause it to scale back its business, leave the salting union’s jurisdiction entirely, or go out of business altogether.” The decision in Toering (351 NLRB No. This means that salt employees cannot be denied employment on the basis of their union affiliation. Walter is Projections’ CEO and the founder of UnionProof & A Better Leader. A salt will be quick to detect problems, like frustrated employees who believe their managers do not care about them as people and are not to be trusted. Explore this Article. In some cases those individuals are paid union employees and in others they are acting as union volunteers. 94-947) was “yes.” A “salt” (union organizer) can be paid by the union and the employer. How to Prevent Unions. Meet with each union … 2 Limiting Union Solicitation. There are several takeaways for employers. Unions target people who were activists in college, and once trained, salts will apply for low-skill jobs in the services industries. The first category of anti-salting strategies are things every employer should develop or do. Another point to remember, the union does not give up all its rights just because the employer subcontracted work sometime in the past and the union did not stop it. Using a dedicated website, online videos, social media, and/or e-learning, managers can communicate with employees on a regular basis concerning many of the areas that are favored union targets, like safety and management responsiveness. Check with the staff person assigned to your local. Salting is when union-affiliated individuals seek employment with non-union employers for the purpose of organizing a workforce or … Union salting has been used throughout the history of the labor movement, but mostly in the building and construction industry. Additional and ongoing training can cover topics like employee benefits and perspectives on unionization. Sometimes salts are willing to be interviewed anonymously, and what they say is of vital importance to employers who want to remain union proof. Couple this with convincing employee training on the consequences of unionization, and it is likely your employees will have no reason to join a union-organizing … Discussing with your lawyer the possible clauses and legal phrases you will need in your work contracts can reduce your need for a lawyer later on in your business venture. What Does a Labor Relations Specialist Do? The hash value is different than it would be for just the plain unsalted password. Leaders should be accessible to employees, proactive in addressing their needs and concerns, and consistently engaging. Be sure to make revision of the management's rights clause one of your … It would be nice if a recruiter could ask, “Are you now, or have you been, a member of a union?” Unfortunately, that is not legal, because it is seen as an intimidation tactic that steps on employee rights. Leadership training on building morale, developing trust, giving praise, and setting realistic goals is often overlooked to the detriment of the company. Change the salt once a week. National Labor Relations Board v. Town & Country Electric, Inc. Moonlighting Policies Can Protect Employers From Union Salts. methods. Your clients should review their hiring policies and applications to determine whether a moonlighting policy would be appropriate. You cannot ask a job applicant about their union associations or volunteer work with labor organizations because that could lead to an NLRB complaint. All rights reserved. Doing so after the fact, even if the policies are neutral on their face, could still be interpreted as discriminatory by courts if they coincide with the hiring of a salt employee. Include a union position statement with orientation materials and in the employee handbook. The NLRB has also affirmed the use of moonlighting policies as discussed in a 2012 opinion memo. The NLRB says a union … Don't be timid! Also out a bowl of salt under your sofa and cloves of … As difficult as it is to believe, one of the Section 7 words challenged was “employee,” and it arose out of a case involving an electrical contractor dealing with union “salting,” the process of union members applying for nonunion jobs in order to secretly organize the workforce.