He’s also one of the co-founders — alongside Simon Nixon — of MoneySupermarket.com, a British price comparison website-based business that specializes in different financial services. The 55-year-old, who lives in Rhos on Sea, in Wales, with his wife Emma, who is not the mother of the children, revealed he was given the devastating news that he had cystic fibrosis two years ago at a hospital in Liverpool. Richard Mason and his current wife Emma Louise and, right, ... co-founder of price comparison website MoneySupermarket.com, who he believed was his father for 21 years. Richard Mason, the co-founder of internet comparison website, MoneySuperMarket.com, found out that his wife lied about the paternity of her three children after 21 years Richard Mason, the co-founder of Moneysupermarket, who discovered three sons from his marriage were not his Credit: Huw Evans Joe Shute 10 January 2019 • 7:00am Richard Mason, who co-founded price comparison site MoneySuperMarket, says he has no regrets about going public with the story. Richard Mason is a 55-year-old businessman and millionaire from the United Kingdom. A doting father for almost two decades, millionaire and founder of MoneySupermarket.com, Richard Mason, 55, had the world pulled from beneath his feet when he found out that his children were never his children. In fact, he found out he couldn't have children at all. Devoted dad told after 21 years that his sons weren't biologically his "I … Meet Richard. During that time, Richard was married to then-wife, Kate. Mason, who is a 55-year-old founder of the comparison site moneysupermarket.com, sued his ex-wife, demanding the roughly $5.8 million he paid her in their 2008 divorce settlement. Richard Mason co founded Moneysupermarket.com (Image: Daily Post Wales) Read More Related Articles.