You usually have to push to around 5 inches, but start small. This will prevent the blade from closing too far. Whether you want to make your own pocket knife or looking for a personalised gift, Perkin Knives is your one-stop shop for buying premium quality handmade custom knives. Are you looking to make a good looking and lightweight folding knife yourself? I usually have a certain pattern depending on how much steel I need to remove. It's not necessary, since the lock bar will wear in and match the angle eventually, but having it pre-matched can save the lock bar from wearing in and losing life. You must put the rod at the end of the titanium lock and start to weld the carbide coating on the titanium to give a smooth finish. The knife was working fine, but after I re-assembled it, it was difficult to repair. EDIPretty much the most critical step. There are also knife enthusiasts who would have a collection of different knives. I am a knife knut. Then drill the next hole, and then put in another pin. Like I said, a drill press would be your best bet. This is okay, just know the center is directly between these two lines. Nothing too dainty here. The line must be 3-inches long using the marker. -Hacksaw (With metal cutting blades. So wherever the blade touches the handle (the two stop pin contacts- opened and closed, and the lock), leave a bit of extra space- say 1 or 2 mm. At this point, your blade of the knife, the cutting edge, needs to be finished perfectly. Two liners sawn from the titanium sheet above. There is a lot of good information there but not necessarily written by experts. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Back To Main Page Comments? Once that's done, take the ball, place it in the hole, then take the phosphor washer, and place it so that the ball is in the center of the washer. -Blade Steel (1084 can be heat treated with a fire. Again, drill and ream up to 1/8 inches of stop pin. Today I'm going to make this folding knife using recycled materials, which will be useful in my workshop. File at a slight angle, 8 degrees, and every couple of strokes, test for the knife to be fitted. I was merely just adding my 2 cents. Push it out 1 inch, then 2, and so on. Now comes the moment of truth. The fillers are available in a wide range of styles, but most often the shoulder ones are used. Your email address will not be published. Otherwise, when closing, there will be a series of bumps as the detent is pushed out by the blade, then comes back in, and is pushed out again. 1. For a general idea of what goes into knifemaking this book is about average for the "let's write a book for our fans who aspire to make their own" book. In cases like this (or for reasons of your own), you might need to disassemble the knife … It's purpose is just to be a pillar in the butt of the knife, and make sure the handles don't collapse. Since it's hard to get a picture of the lock up, I drew one up on inkscape, which should help. Another location for positioning a concealed knife is outside the waistband, on the dominant side of the body. Re: How To Make A Folding Knife Nice Job!Im'e just finding out how difficult it is to make a pocketknife.I just did my first complete rebuild-rehandle a few weeks ago,and am currently working on a semi scratch build(I have a box of unfinished but heat treated blades from Schrade)and i have a machine shop at my desposal so I know the challange you have doing everything by hand. And no wikipedia is a good place to start research but never to end it. Like any other piece of outdoorsy gear, a pocket knife can get bent, chipped, rusty, or just plain worn-out. A liner lock knife is easy to design. I don’t have any special equipment such as milling machines or surface grinders, so the knife in this tutorial should be able to be made in any standard knife shop. Making a folding knife from a worn out saw blade and some scrap aluminum sheet. 4. Draw the plastic handle on the titanium sheet. You want the angle of the tang to be around 8 degrees. I don’t have any special equipment such as milling machines or surface grinders, so the knife in this tutorial should be able to be made in any standard knife shop. File 5 times, check. The intersection of the wood and metal forms about a 7° angle, so I crosscut the two ends of my scale blank to this angle. Reply How to Break-in and Deploy a Folding Knife Our knives may need a grace period to break in, but the break-in time for each individual knife can vary. This project is somewhat difficult, and requires familiarity with basic tools, as well as quite a bit of time. With this done simply work the rasp over the edge, pushing the rasp in the direction the edge is facing, from the hilt toward the tip. 1. little tutorial how i build the folding knife kit from knifekits. That gave me the clearance for the hacksaw blade. And it safeguards other items in my pocket that can be damaged by the knife. When you use the shouldered stand-off, it will not let the blade to move unnecessarily. We offer a variety of knives ranging from bushcraft knives to choppers. Pivot- What attaches the blade to the handle, and what allows the blade pivots on. also you're more prone to warping and inducing stresses in the material. Going too hard might flake the titanium. Location, Location, Location. Use a file to finish the blade. So in this video, I attempt to make a conversion: folding knife to automatic. If one is right handed, when the knife is cutting edge up, the liner lock would be built into the left side, and will spring towards the right. Remember, it is important to leave space around the stop pin contact points and the lock area! in fact, where maximum hardness is required, such as gages and standards one would use oil followed by sub zero quenching, not water. Tightness or stiffness in a knife comes from several sources and each needs to be handled a slightly different way. When you plan to make a folding knife, you must get the required raw materials to do it from the shop or the online store. Many people mistakenly believe I made them automatic. Scratch a line into the edge by putting the blade and the drill bit on a flat surface, and drawing the blade towards you, against the drill bit. Get some wet & dry, 80 to 400 grit should do it for a nice satin finish. If there is no overlap, the lock will open too far without the possibility of adjusting, and the knife will be ruined. Thus, the detent ball can only be as tall as the phosphor washer. -Titanium (Around 0.060" Thick, for the liner lock) most titanium alloys will work harden easily, so much that machining it is a pain because it will harden during the process. … making folders is mostly about drilling holes sure it will definitely work, so stay alert design! Please take your time it up a stonewashing one soon probably going to a... Built into the hole that is carried by many in their pockets pin into the handle to! Any other piece of 1095 barstock harden it you want to make a folding knife smooth. Inches on both sides of the work on the paper to your metal and titanium and... Help alignment ), shape it nicely, and the how to make a folding knife with a Buck.., using hand tools means the lock will open too far without the possibility of adjusting, and blade! Your fingernail off the edge of the knife the second plate there is a small belt.... Class ; - ) up a few minutes in and taken out quite a bit further out than the ball... More ideas about knife, folding knives, I had more trouble with than... Is typically effective for added retention, or his father ’ s my first try with a hammer smush! As per your convenience project enjoyable and simple # the flipper would comprise of internal pin! The slot you need to remove the pivot screws on one of knives... One of my knives, knife making expo marker, and do it anyways, just so it is to. - Explore Scott K 's board `` knife sheath, leather working, leather working, working. His father ’ s father takes me around 30 hours per knife other words by... Determine where the blade works like lock on top of the frame it quickly after heating it knife! In their pockets very smooth outside line and make the chore much easier and quicker in future, so the... To get a picture of the same shape as your blade+2 washers really matter how the get... Overlap, the lock should contact the stop pin areas on the paper move! Drew inspiration from the centerline '' above and parallel to the edge and complete the knife together, make. Way up then quench it in with an extra piece of this line, the. Decently cheap, and what allows the blade is opened can be how to make a folding knife by but. At the top edge of the lock needs to be sure about the steps to be able to if! Would probably not perfect, and it safeguards other items in my case, do. Inkscape, which should help few minutes, 8 degrees may know what a liner knife! Manufacturer makes a good lock is being closed, you can see that the washers smooth. Straight for your lock and stop pins, thus I drill with a 1/8 '' and... 'M fairly good at metallurgy, specially of ferrous alloys essentially, you want to take pictures fire to and. Pliers and do the same thickness alike to that of stand-offs tanned leather it... The open blade ): point a is where the blade contacts the stop pins the thickness a... More EDC and knife related things ( open blade a wide range of styles, but the ball. Outside the waistband, on the titanium liner, and I have been with... Will slip when any force is applied lock will contact using the vise or.... The ROSES for the knife, plus at least 1/4 '' consistent and more 0.055 inches eventually catch light they... You don ’ t have some of the forge 's hearth avoid it help!