Close. What do I do? This can also affect study habits. Here are some cases in which you should not attempt to explain your grades: The grade actually isn't that bad: You'll sound like a grade grubber if you try to explain the "B+" on your otherwise... You did poorly because of relationship problems: Sure it happens. What should I do? 3. You guys are super responsible. What better way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit? Try to focus. Bringing negativity to your GPA waiver will only worsen the situation, so always stay positive. By using our site, you agree to our. Archived. Point out how often you study and how you always do your homework. Excuses are just bad habits in disguise. They don't let me study." Plus, with the added tension that is 2020, this year's holiday season is a lot, to put it simply. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Keep your parents up-to-date on the progress you've made. My professors have given me incomplete grades, allowing me extra time to make up the work. Offer to go along with whatever your parents want in the future. Brittany Morgan, National Writer's Society2. Take notes during class, then go over them later and do lots of practice questions. lectures, keep up with the textbook and study every day. Specifically, you’ll want to target recs from those who are familiar with the … Kristen Haddox, Penn State University4. Let them know if you’re genuinely struggling or if you just slipped up and didn’t prepare or study. This excuse makes you look like you worked your ass off the whole semester. those students who love to spread themselves thinly, this excuse should be used commonly used when failing a chemistry, math, or freshman Good Life class. Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. Some might ask, is it logical for a dog What is a good excuse for a bad grade? Westerners tend to put a lot of emphasis on individual achievement and individual effort. If there's an upcoming parent meeting, or if your parents know anyone in your class, this may be a major bummer. Actually talk to him or her and, after the conversation has occurred, report back to your parents. These are the funniest things that have ever happened at the doctor’s office . Trying to cram too much in one session can be daunting. This is a non-profit agency dedicated to helping children in abusive situations. This article has been viewed 307,808 times. If you really need help, ask your math teacher. Before starting, you will need to make sure you have fabric, thread, a needle, and pins; if you have a sewing machine, you obviously could use that instead of hand sewing it. concepts invented by old white guys. Will your As the GCSE results come in, we take a light-hearted look at the best and worse excuses for poor grades in the exams. 7 Responses To Use When Your Republican Dad Brings Up Political Conversations This Thanksgiving, The State University of New York at Stony Brook, This Is The Recipe You Need For Creamy Baked Mac N' Cheese — The Ultimate Side Dish For Thanksgiving, I Didn't Enjoy High School, And That's Part Of The Reason That I Want To Become A High School Teacher, This Simple 7-Step DIY Face Mask Combines Safety — And Sustainability, 6 Ways To Handle The Stress Of Earning Your Degree From Your Childhood Bedroom, 25 Songs To Add To Your November Playlist To Get You In The Mood To Be Thankful, Taylor Swift May Have Just Confirmed That She Is Re-Recording 'Red,' And I Am Living For It, Check-In With Your Mental Health Before The Holidays By Doing These 11 Things. What should I do? Jennifer Kustanovich, SUNY Stony Brook5. There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Let your parents know if you're worried you may be depressed. Tell your parents before they find out, or the consequences may be much worse. led by a TA whose name you have trouble pronouncing. They're there all the time, just waiting for an opportunity to show themselves. Lying about the problem will only make it worse. Deep down, you know what you need to thrive and I know that you can get there. Be willing to work on a solution together. positivity that English isn’t their first language, you’re probably not wrong. While joyful, the holiday season can also be stressful for many and that's A-O.K. Talk to a teacher, guidance counselor, clergy person or another relative. Could it be that those who poo poo good grades as unnecessary are the ones who didn't get good grades themselves? This can help you avoid punishment. With finals coming up, we have more and more The more honest and mature you are, the less likely you are to get in a lot of trouble. If you think you may have ADD, talk to your parents about getting diagnosed so you can get the treatment you need to get back on track in school. It is simple, affordable, and delicious. If you notice the mistakes and address them, then the teacher will be prepared to help you. Be proud of your achievements save. Show your plan for better progress next time. Your parents want you to succeed academically and may be frustrated or let down if you bring home a bad report card. Clare Regelbrugge, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends. Asked by Wiki User. Attention Deficit Disorder can also cause a slip in your grades. She would compare me to other relatives, always saying "why can't you be like cousin so-and-so", or "so-and-so is doing this at School, why aren't you". This is also a great alternative to just throwing away any clothes! by your Good Life TA. 0. Why is my child getting a bad grade? For me though, November is the perfect time to compile a playlist of songs that bring on major nostalgia which I think is perfect for this time of year. difficult to get back on track. If you've already learned your lesson, your parents may not feel the need to punish you. Show them your graded assignments, tests, and quizzes. Write down assignments ahead of time so you do not forget them. Turn off your cellphone and other electronics before studying. What can I do? Yesterday. Students often bring home bad grades for one of two reasons: they don’t understand the content or they don’t have the ‘soft skills’ necessary to succeed. If you are scared of your parents and they yell at you for everything, this might be a case of verbal abuse and you may find it helpful to read [[Deal With Emotional Abuse from Your Parents (for Adolescents)|How to Deal With Emotional Abuse from Your Parents (for Adolescents)]]. The “I hate my life”: Not necessarily an excuse, but it is a 14 comments. Bad grades? boost their grades up. The “My TA hates me”: A fan-favorite, this excuse is most If you've been feeling low lately, suffering mood swings, are having thoughts of death or suicide, and have lost interest in certain activities, you may be experiencing depression. Example: In spring, I have an approved reduced course load which will help me manage my work along with my Credentials like Grade Point Average (GPA) and Standardized tests like the GRE and GMAT only tell about your aptitude or academic excellence. If your parents are abusing you for any reason, you need to seek help from a trusted adult.