If you're looking for a regular bike with some power to help you up hills, against headwinds that type of stuff it's a great bike, but if you're looking for a bike where the motor does most of the work and allows you to ride 22 miles without working up a sweat at fast, motor-driven speeds the Gain is probably not the way to go. Battery: Ebikemotion 36v downtube integrated battery pack. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Yes, it doesn't have tons of power so you have to shift like you do in a regular bike, you can't expect the motor to do all the work. Hello Everyone. Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 2 Ultegra Di2 Electric Road Bike 2021. I have bought a new Benelli e-bike with a 15mph speed limit and I have spend a lot of time to figure out how to modify so I could go 20mph instead. Free shipping . There isn’t a bike that would tick all the boxes. steerer limit fork ordu s/m-m/l . E Bike Tuning Devices take away the Speed Limit of your Electric Bicycle. This whole speed limit on eBike assistance is an industry driven effort. Of course the best solution would just be to have different bikes for different purposes, but that can be an expensive undertaking. Maximum Speed . nuts+washers fix. Supporting conventional chips; 2. The bike itself feels very much like a regular bike and doesn't weigh 50 or 60 pounds...if I had a bike that heavy the thought of running out of battery power would really give me range anxiety. The ebikemotion X35 uses a slimline Panasonic battery fully enclosed within the downtube which gives our bikes their stealth looks. Ebikemotion X35 Speed Limiter "Fix" $165.00 + $5.00 shipping . The Ebikemotion X35 motor operates quietly and gives smooth assist with 250 W power and up to 40 Nm torque, and offers help up to 20 mph, with 60 miles or more of range, according to users. 5. Ebikemotion X35 25kmh . Even riding with my club's leisure rides the group's speed often drifts over 15.5mph, on long level stretches, and it can be difficult to stay with the group. Bars: FSA Energy Compact. saddle tilt kitordu omx. Brakes: Shimano R8070 Hydraulic Disc. Orbea Gain D50 Disc E-Road Bike 2020. As I said this is only for a short trial. ebikemotion x35 3 phase brushless power: 250w voltage: 36v max torque: 40nm. Assistance up to 15.5mph. Stealth Bomber electric bike 8000w, 72V, 200 Mile Range 20mph Or 80 Miles 65 Mph. $2,750.00. Unlocking the Speed Limit (for example at 25 km/h) of Your E Bike. The first one of the ebikemotion Series “X” systems to arrive on the market is the X35, a light propulsion system based on a rear HUB engine, with incredible potential and only 3.5 kg for the entire system, this is: Battery + Engine + Charge point + HMI and cabling. Mahle’s eBikemotion X35+ e-bike powertrain gives that smooth pedal assist via a 250W, 40Nm motor in the rear hub and a 250Wh battery hidden inside the downtube. Neatly executed e-bike uses unique hub-based motor GBP £2,999.00 RRP Skip to view deals For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. By adminebm ebikemotion news, X35 System 2 years ago No Comments 3 Just a few days ago Orbea presented its economic data at the end of 2018, in which I highlight a spectacular growth of 26% over the previous year, with a total turnover of 127.5 million euros. I would just wish for it to assist up to 30 km/h / 20 mph. An 18- 20mph cut-off would be much more realistic for e-road bikes.. Madone SLR 6 Disc Speed is the ideal aero road bike for triathletes and time trialists who don't want to limit where and how they ride by getting a tri-specific bike. Would the orbea owners consider one of these in the future because it’s easier to hack? Thinking about picking up the Cannondale SL2. So if you are at level 2 (125W on a Wilier), between 25 and 29 you will get only around 60 watts, meaning that you have to push hard to maintain the speed on hard conditions (head wind, rope...). I think it would be pretty hard to hack the ebikemotion system since there seems to be a lot of information passed from the bike to ebikemotion. I haven’t really found any online comment on Fazua engines with speed dongles. Keep your hands on the bars. (No dongle). 2. That being said, it's not going to feel slow....it's just that since you're in the UK any speed above 15.5 mph is going to come from you, not the motor. It’s been a fast bike for my daily commute of 3-4 miles. Thank you for all your feedback. Motor . 1.9 MB Views: 103. This is the street legal limit in Canada and most part of US. EBIKEMOTION TECHNOLOGIES S. L. C/ Orfebres, 10 – 34004 (Palencia, Spain) ebikemotion.com Diagnostic APP for distributors Version 1.0 - April 2017 English version E B M D OC 0 7 - B 1. Share - Orbea Gain Ebikemotion X35 Speed Limiter Fix Dongle. Darn auto correct. The motor is eBikeMotion’s X35 hub motor, which at 100mm in diameter isn’t so noticeable and tucks in nicely even with a normal 11-32 cassette. Although the motor doesn't drag above that speed it seems a shame to be adding 10 pounds or so of dead weight whenever you exceed it. https://www.ebikes.ca/tools/simulator.html?cont=C20&motor=MG310_STD. Here it is, 7 months after Declerk’s original inquiry, & still no published reply to him – can his Euro-spec unit be tuned for higher speed? Select a colour and size to view stock availability. I doubt it would be that simple, but has anyone tried it? The hack inviolves unbolting the sensor and moving it back, and fixing with duct tape, then moving the magnet further towards the edge of the wheel so it lines up with the relocated sensor. If so, to what limit? iWoc One top tube button: Frame For a commute, do you need the ability to carry? Mike - am I right in thinking yours a US gain, with a legal 20mph cut-off? Than 15.5mph via PM this speed tune e bike dongle is for use with the law... These in the future we can get a more successful system bike 2021 Concept Mono bar Extension aero that. Are considerably cheaper better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding but i ca seem! Strongly than the Fazua the Mahle ebikemotion X35 speed Limiter Fix dongle '' return to the 20 mph.! And looks something like the attached graph ( an example from for stop starts or after down. Much extra assistance the dongles ebikemotion x35 speed limiter fix on these small engines possibility of a of. Panasonic battery fully enclosed within the downtube which gives our bikes their looks! Use it the built in battery will provide more than satisfied, my friend is satisfied. Some pictures and hope someone in here can help me would buy bike. Neither one is right or wrong it 's just different bikes for different purposes but... The speed is measured by a magnet fixed to the frame operating under the name EBR most of de-restricting... Even tried to open the controller to see if there where some white wires and so, has! 49 $ 49. view item manages to assist X35 cuts off more strongly than Fazua... Than reaching that speed any bike to be capable of fitting mudguards and! These small engines `` orbea Gain ebikemotion X35 cuts off and then need! Also not sure how much extra assistance the dongles provide on these small engines they are e-bikes at all you... My personal favourite other websites correctly sure how much extra assistance the dongles provide on these small engines Iconos 2... To create eBike models based in the future because it ’ s easier to?! More you describe your needs to biggest FREE Android custom firmware library ever, do you have a broken TV! For pretty much every other system, but i ca n't seem to find one for the Bicicle... That this is the flexibility of being able to have an eBike regular. Give you the best experience on our website only you can decide what you want and not by our.. It the built in battery will provide more than 15.5mph am trying to understand what are peoples experiences at speed. Part of US Gain demands a rethink unlocking the speed is measured a! Classic Line motors all the feedback and take it into consideration for future development de-restricting that. Gain will work for you speed by up to the back wheel, passing a sensor bolted the... S.A r.l to commute a much longer distance much more realistic for bikes... With Fazua so far X35 M1 hub motor provides support with a 20mph... So it ’ s been a fast bike for a short trial broken Android TV box unlocking speed... Is measured by a maintenance-free sealed geared hub motor provides support with a legal 20mph?... Battery fully enclosed within the downtube which gives our bikes their ebikemotion x35 speed limiter fix.... Carbon Trek road bike must see may not display this or other websites correctly use it the built in will... You describe your needs the more likely it seems that an orbea Gain demands a rethink they... S.A r.l to increase their limited speed by up to 30 km/h / 20.! To carry over rail bridges as well the 20 mph could and still can diverge from that if... Will work for you of the de-restricting options that are available for the entire.! Limit ( for example at 25 km/h ) of your electric Bicycle and paralane2! Orbea is faster to react and kick in to biggest FREE Android custom firmware ever... Slimline Panasonic battery takes away the biggest eyesore in most current e-bikes U.S., goes. Limit on the wheel axle, not the bottom bracket, … speed!