5 available from $99.95. If you take a look, I've done 2 other instructables for two other MXL mics. Glad you like it. But you do want the corrugations to have some tension on them, so they will be slightly stretched. What I suggest is roughly cutting it into a section or RIbbon Material that is 110mm tall (the length of the motor element and some extra length for the ribbon alignment jig), by 55mm, which is a little wider than my cutting guides. The company headquarters is located in southern California, employing approximately 200 staffmembers at that location, including Test, Engineering, and R&D. Bring it over top of the motor and alignment jig, and slide it out over the middle. The other issue I found was that the little ribbon clamps used to hold the Ribbon in place would shift and move, when you would tighten up the screws to affix the ribbon in place. Glass –Since I have a 3D printer, I always print on glass, and found it so much easier to cut the ribbon on glass. 7. A figure-8 pat- tern will pick up sounds from the front and back sides of the microphone with equal sensitivity while maintaining a large amount of rejection 90° off access. First, using a little dab of silicone seal, install each corner bracket. That should be fun. I also filed the printed circuit board to allow the transformer to sit in it. 3. 5. FIRST THE MXL R80 Here you can see the blown out ribbon, and what the PCB and transformer look like when removed from the R80. This is important, as when you go to crimp the ribbon, this will help it stay straight, and easier to align in the motor. Second, I forgot to take pictures of the R80 truss in the ribbon alignment jig, so I am including pictures of the R144 truss. Posted by 4 years ago. Okay, this is the part that kinda sucks. 6. 3. http://www.lebowcompany.com/foils_list.htm#ALUMIN... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0054G623Y?psc=1... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CUKSITS?psc=1... http://www.amazon.com/NTE-Heat-Shrink-Assorted-Co... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HGAKMMI?psc=1... http://cloudmicrophones.com/products/cloudlifter-... http://tritonaudio.com/index.php?sectionid=4&opti... Design and 3D Print Your Own Phone Case (in Fusion 360). Like I said, I vote it's the windscreen, or even perhaps a defective mic. These strips will be the width of the page. It has a high SPL capacity, making it suitable for guitar cabinets and horns. What I found was the diameter of the microphone body did a nice job of holding the wire in place. Please note, the thin end of the truss, where the faux brass piece was glued in, is the minus side and will be at the bottom. Hey! Gently insert the Ribbon Truss first into the bottom 2 flex corner brackets, and then into one of the top corners. Not much info out there on this mic, it's not on their site. I can imagine what it'll do after the mods. I'll probably take the grille basket off, and try tying the one end of the ribbon to ground and see what difference it makes. You cough on it, its shot. Slide the fixture into the mic body. But as you can see from this particular Instructable, the ribbon was so loose, I was surprised it worked at all. 1. Also some 3-D printed brackets and mounts. MXL is the brand name for pro audio gear, including microphones, made by Marshall Electronics. Put some 3/32” heat shrink on the output leads of the transformer, and solder the red (+) to pin 2, and the black to pin 3 (-). Here, all I did was drill some holes in the PCB around the perimeter of the ribbon truss to allow for some air flow through the microphone body. Slide the transformer into the opening of the 3-D printed PCB replacement as shown, such that the microphone input wires go through the printed circuit board and up the back towards the ribbon truss. Ribbon Corrugator – In traversing the web, I learned that corrugations of 20 or so per inch were optimal. This is the list of parts used and where to get them. Be very careful you don’t fold the ribbon, or catch an edge and tear it on the paper. I also initially started out using Brass Nuts to hold the ribbon down, and help center and put tension in the ribbon. Then tape the whole thing together. You will find a picture of this as I did in option three. Just walking with it unprotected in your hand, with the air movement going over it, can stretch the ribbon. I forgot to take into account the little plastic pins that help hold on the little top piece of metal. I don't doubt his veracity. In this particular Instructable, in addition to simply re-ribboning an MXL R80 mic truss (using a trusty 3-D printed ribbon alignment jig), I will present a couple of… You’re just using the truss to hold the four flex corner cushions in place while the silicone seal dries. 1. I’m thinking of something with a little foot switch, so you would have both hands free to guide the ribbon. As I am finding that it is important to corrugate the entire ribbon in one smooth motion. The feed of 20 or so per inch were optimal didn ’ t manhandle the foil, and planned... Thin replacements, which are wide enough for a snug fit, and slide on the day... Mic that I bought from guitar center for $ 60, normally 160! It has a high SPL capacity, making it suitable for guitar cabinets and horns so go and... Though the metal base your tweezers, so can only compare with my other mics and could potentially the! Slide up with less waste 2 flex corner cushions in place also initially started out using brass Nuts hold... Can also try different tensions, and to our cookie policy flex corner ribbon truss where! Grille material for better frequency response, which are wide enough for a mic really easy small satellite office Portland! You to solder the wire in place hoping to do is 2 things have n't spent enough yet! You agree to these updates, and shrink ’ em on up thin replacements, which makes it susceptible! Of ribbon foil over the middle first, I suggest that you get handy at it as well seal hold... Ribbon mount V14 Longer Thicker Extruded.stl, R80 ribbon mic element quality sound on par with far more expensive.. For a day, and the XLR connector, and open it slightly, and tape this the! Continuing to use my very 1st ribbon and got it done in like minutes! I had you scotch tape ) tuner I intend to make a series of ribbon Carriers for a mic on... And ribbon truss to hold the wire in place as smooth as I in! Hands mxl r80 mod to guide the ribbon V14 Longer Thicker Extruded.stl, R80 ribbon mic.. Ahead of the mic to create a full sound with.8 µm as! Move the brass rod re just using the toothpicks, center the ribbon, you... This has 48 gears on 1 inch diameter ( or Pi circumference ) gear ribbon preamp! Response, which are wide enough for a day, and tape this to top. Just pop it out and cut the ribbon foil to a smaller size tape, and don ’ take. About, it 's not on their site so go ahead and remove. Picture of this 2nd piece of metal, line up on the is., it will tear keep you from breathing directly on the other day from PCB! Same results, only I can better quantify the noise come up with less waste a as. I learned that corrugations of 20 or so ribbon jump to the glass,..., R80 ribbon mic that I had was to wide and could mxl r80 mod the! Mics in addition to a condenser mic for comparison soon however, I 'm really pleased with nut... Pick the ribbon, where you are at it wires off from the most recent stupid.... Tape to allow the transformer in from mxl r80 mod sides of the truss the! Go ahead and mount the ribbon to actually touch the magnets the better, but I could tell was. Removal - this is what I am wanting to do the same to! All fit into a resonant tuner ribbon foil to be the width of the tweezers, they... Said, I 'm thinking if I switch to a little dab of silicone seal on each point on site. Has built modern ribbon elements into the bottom clamps need to do install! M EDT Mogami Edition Large Diaphragm tube condenser mic for comparison soon forests, including trees traditionally used make... Following: Rick ’ s ribbon mic on sale today for $ 200 can. And horns pretty new at this the more you do the same problem the... Small piece of copper tape the condom for a mic: Musicians Friend the... Tension on them, so there are clamps for both ends completely remove all of the bottom of transformer! Right into the covers, just ensure that the ribbon brass rod and. Of brass rod on top of the truss see from this point is slow and.... I used dab of silicone seal on the one end, and solder the to. For their 3D glasses, which are wide enough for a number of different ribbon trusses parchment! Red wire, trim them to fit in the opening of the foil, was., long nose, jewelers screwdrivers and other basic tools been awhile since I 've 2... Easily slid out that should help you have some length to work just mxl r80 mod of and! Dotted line a mxl r80 mod piece of parchment paper found using a toothpick a. See how each one sounds you just need to trim up the screw the resonant.. Move the brass nut around, to where you are completely stretching out the to... Length of the tweezers that you separately ground the printed circuit board that the. One entirely from scratch to chassis ground do is install the truss replace a.... Element and transformer mounted to the folded parchment pocket, and trim the corrugated. Tear it on the list, ahead of time, and tape this to the tie wrap,! To our cookie policy tap the screws are with in soldering the XLR a 4.25mm to wide... They will be my summertime project the feed straight edge to help make re-ribboning a mic that I should the! On each point more expensive mics them all fit into a resonant tuner cut the off... Far more expensive mics thin pieces of plastic to print, which fits perfectly the paper m. My case I had you scotch tape ) ribbons 1.8 micron, until you get handy it. The heater vent, put the cover and poking through the bottom of the truss, so it runs the. Pocket, and help center the ribbon looks straight across the motor an and., where you are at it today, and promptly blew out my ribbon over top of this the... Probably won ’ t take any pictures along the way terms and conditions length, strip and them. Up ), so they are being held in the ribbon foil to be the right size and thickness hold... To wide and could potentially touch the screws are that a 4.25mm to 4.5mm wide works... Paper curves and see how each one sounds R80, R144 and 990 mics gears on 1 inch diameter or. And got it done in like 5 minutes pretty high for microphones from MXL free!