If it costs 12K a year for the privilege of having a sitting area connected to your daughters bedroom, don’t you think that just going out into the hall and into the other room to sit would be worth the inconvenience? I'm not trying to change anyone's mind, you brought up a very good problem, I offered a solution. It could be expensive, but I dont see many good options. This unit is the perfect way to divide large areas or share a fire in two deserving rooms with just one fireplace. ASK AN EXPERT! Is it just another living room. Why dint they have a double flue thingy in there? Not being a privacy freak I see it as no different than a door from that room into the M bedroom. The two and three-sided units have a decorative character that offers a great view in the connecting rooms. Is a mutisided fireplace for you? haha I know i wasn't much help, sorry :/ Good luck finding a solution, though. Partition between bedroom and living room. 2 of 11. knock yourself out. Make a two-sided fireplace the focal point of your home. Or is that special feature worth enough to your daughter that she’d get a job to pay that 12K a year for the privilege? Room Dividers & Decorative Screens : Create a separate area in any room with a stylish room divider. Shop our wide selection of multi-sided fireplaces for a multi-room view of the fire! there is sound privacy as well as visual privacy. FREE SHIPPING OVER $99. I would recommend going with a black paint otherwise it going to look bad from the soot of fires. At 1m or 1.5m wide this see-through fire can add its magic to two rooms or form a double sided island to create more intimate spaces in a large open plan space. And another thing--look at the fantastic cross breeze/light those open spaces provide. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $99. The “L” Shaped Fireplace Screen. (will cover two patio doors). its happened before. no one could see through but every sound carried, it was completely unpleasant. Can I call this room in my basement a bedroom? ? Allowing optimum access to the fireplace and adding interest to an already amazing fireplace. 3 of 11. Float it so it won't interfere with the view. What do 3 bedrooms sell for in your location? See-Through Traditional Gas Fireplace. Good luck with whatever way you choose to fix this. In order not to block the windows chose something like this bench facing the fireplace. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I suggest that the wall between the living room and the bedroom be insulated for sound control. you dont want people in the living room to hear whats going on in the bedroom, and you dont want to go to sleep while folks are still visiting out there and having to listen to them. Installing a two-sided gas fireplace, or thinking about it? May or may not be true, but you might want to research it. What stuff do you put in a sitting room? Oh well, I guess here at the nudist colony, we just don't consider things like that, LOL! The finish/style looks good with your furniture. What I value about Houzz, (besides getting to give my opinion on all kinds of stuff) is reading others opinions, based on their successes, failures and other life experiences. If your home is spacious enough to have room partitions built right inside, then you can create a two-sided fireplace with a lot of ease. Available in both indoor and outdoor models, you can install a multi-sided fireplace as the focal point of more than one room. people who need frosted glass in their shower so people dont see them showering (like, bathroom doors havent been invented in your house? Make an offer! And tell your family that whenever the sign is on your door that they have to knock or at least say they are going to come into the room, so it gives you a bit of a heads up when someone is going to be coming into your room. Why not just put a fireplace in the bedroom, also? They are usually one sided, however you could probably have one made. How do you think about the answers? Where it looks like one fireplace but it is actually two....Fireplaces these days are only for looks anyhow. My suggestion (and it's a very inexpensive one!) We thought about a double sided fireplace at one time (between outdoor living room and dining room) and were talked out of it by the fireplace store. They work great for windows! View All. Menu. with latches?). The Stone Masons are coming and I want to resolve this before they get started, but noone can give me a good solution. I pointed out that some people want A LOT of privacy in their master bedroom and such a fireplace may impede the sale. Dubious. I believe that code still prohibits a solid fuel burning appliance from being installed in a bedroom. Get 5% in rewards with Club O! And would probably be cheaper. Used (normal wear), Double sided gas fireplace insert. lots of things don't make any sense to me on houzz. if it makes sense to you guys, thats great. people who dip their fresh washed dishes in the same rinse water, again and again. I would not put a two-sided fireplace in that space. This structure can add a sense of luxurious charm to the home, transforming an ordinary interior into a cozy, fashionable space. 800.919.1904. I've never heard of someone doing a two sided fire place from a bedroom into a public space like that. What would you put in this area of the Master bedroom? The woman helping us said that they draw poorly. The back is open, but you could add some pillows to it for comfort, which could do double duty on your bed, as well. its weird. I hope this helps Good Luck :-). Double Sided Fireplaces: See-Through + Corner Two-sided modern fireplaces are some of the most interesting configurations for drawing attention to the unique architecture of a space. I would have given 5 stars, had it been easier to peel off the stickers since they are double sided. Double sided fireplace – When you stay in a winterish location where additional heat is constantly invited, a fire place is an extremely wise idea. Best of all, it adds style and sophistication to your living room. The “L” Shaped Fireplace Door is an innovative solution to a double sided fireplace. Is this too weird? The Stone Masons are coming and I want to resolve this before they get started, but noone can give me a good solution. The woman helping us said that they draw poorly. I would find a way. See more ideas about fireplace design, two sided fireplace, fireplace. If the fireplace opening is enclosed in glass, how about floor to ceiling drapes on the bedroom side that could be closed when privacy is needed and open when not? :), Wow what a tough one! Then divide that by the 6 year stay that you plan to live there. You can sign in to vote the answer. Immerse yourself in a collection of book-filled rooms that indulge a passion for the printed page, Graphic and bold or subtle and sophisticated? Beyond that, double sided fireplaces are not known for their efficiency. This dramatic concrete fireplace is impossible to miss from almost anywhere on the first level of the house. Yes or no? Good luck! Also known as double-sided or peninsula fireplaces, the design allows you to enjoy the fire from different angles. They can divide an open layout, blur indoor-outdoor boundaries, warm a modern look or just your toes. I've only seen them in master suits from bedroom to bathroom. First you could put a door on the fireplace. Specifically designed for a single room application, the Flex Single Sided Fireplace Insert features one open side, enabling the flame to be viewed from the front. Hand made and engineered to work effortlessly, this door beckons to be opened ….and of … This isn't a DIY job unless you know what you are doing. Select your desired flame height and LED under lighting with the simple to use remote controls to set the mood in both rooms. Choose from gas & wood burning Peninsula, Corner, & See-Through fireplaces. Several years ago I had a client that wanted a fireplace between the master bedroom and the living room, one that you could see the same flame from both rooms. 60K less? kelly, it would only work if you wore a tshirt that said 'i have a see-through fireplace at home'. Viewable from two adjacent rooms, it is essentially a part of the wall that has a see-through fireplace. Log in / Sign up ASK AN EXPERT! It also helps to visually anchor living spaces in modern open-concept homes. 26 Gorgeous Two-Sided Fireplaces For Your Spacious Homes. It is also compatible to be used with various combinations of rooms, too. Definitely add a semi flush light over head. It could easily be remedied if … Or does she care about this at all and it’s just your idea of what you want for her? The second and probably best option is a cast iron fireback. Quick! Transform an existing fireplace or create a new one with the simplicity and ease of installation of a Jetmaster Insert Fireplace.