Will the Home Depot cut the wood I buy there? Home Depot carries wood blinds in dark brown, light brown, and white colors. Yes, they cut wood. The Home Depot associate said that they only do 12 inch horizontal cuts. are you planning on cutting exact? Whether you’re building a home or starting a renovation project, the right lumber makes all the difference. The aisles of The Home Depot are filled with tools of all sizes and prices. While I was there, I stopped by the section where they cut wood to order. There are many other places to get wood cut, you just have to search online or ask around. Good job to both you and the cutter! The associate I found and asked for help from informed me he couldn't make that kind of cut and could only cut in 12" increments. I left complete instructions with the service department to cut 20 shelves out of a sheet of maple plywood that cost me $50. Perhaps it will pay for your gas going to the store or allow you to buy one more tool! Can you cut something for me?”, 4. I also printed out the Lowes price for a reason you will see later. buy a quality circular saw and learn how to use it. Its also smart to mark these edges so that when you are home, you know off the bat which is straight/square. Never been charged. Depot for supplies. If in doubt, get the cutter to write down the SKU on a piece of paper and initial it. This is a really well informative and well written article. I know you generally can't return cut wood, but since it's in an even usable shape, does anyone know if I could? Your suggestions and methods would work well. Press J to jump to the feed. I would not recommend getting anything cut at Home Depot. wire, chain, tubing, lumber, etc) go to a lumber yard, small hardware store, or OSH. It doesn't just help me get my plywood cut. Now you may be scratching your head right about now (probably why I'm going bald on top) thinking "How does that save me any money?". Thanks, Joel. Going to try it out for sure in future projects. Plan your cuts. Home Depot Cut Glass Custom Mirror Cutting Home Depot Cut … Jason from Indianapolis, IN. A well-managed store will bend over backward to sell me a carriage bolt or, better yet, a new jig-saw. There used to be a time that cut stations had a “call” button—nowadays, it's not as likely. After all, I know their name and submitted their name to corporate as “excellent customer service experience”. Park near the contractors’ entrance: This is the closest entrance to the plywood and the easiest place to load after you are finished. All the advise so accurate and true. It is located back where the lumber is. So an online search for "Will Home Depot cut wood by requested measurements?" I have worked construction, roofing, home repair, security, EMS and others, and I will say, the Lumber dept is one of the most difficult jobs I have worked. I am about to venture into the land of "plywood bending" for a project with school. I also spoke with another floor person, who I also know and he told me it all depends on the blade. In the past, pressure-treated lumber contained some pretty nasty chemicals that could lead to bad physical effects if ingested. The cut may start out correctly, but by the end of the cut, the board will slip resulting in measurements that are skewed. Yes they do, but they do only a few cuts for free then they charge you. You can vary their height with shims or extra wood. So I told the manager I did not want one like that. So if people followed your advice and are reasonable, the saw area can be a good place to interact and conclude a project before the register. I've had tons of wood cut there and never had to pay a cut charge. Home Depot Cut Glass Does Home Depot Cut Wood To Size Glass Inserts. It turns a two-person job into a one-person job. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The accuracy of the panel saw is generally best for vertical cuts. relationship between the two of you. However, we all WANT to help. This is also a good way to connect with a well-connected handyman or helper for a bigger project. This isn’t really a step as much as it is helpful firsthand advice from someone who knows how the system works. By marking the cuts, you take away the guesswork and eliminate the possibility of miscommunication. Now you know which types of wood work best for which jobs. He apologized, stating that he could only cut to 12 inches, but happy to do four inch cuts until the piece was 12 inches. All we need is someone to do the cutting. Be sure you have measured very, very carefully for the size pieces you need (remember: "Measure twice to cut once"), and try to get the most experienced person in the lumber department to do the cutting, not the new kid who has nothing better to do. I'm a DIY rookie on my way to Home Depot and was intimidated about buying lumber let alone having it cut before reading this post. The don't do terribly precise cuts though. If you experience any issues while in your store, feel free to ask for a manager so they can straighten it out for you. So I was away from my department for long time while the theives robbed away. Yes, they will cut wood for you. Walk back in the lumber section and you'll see a saw table set up on a `80 degree angle. Read all about it here. Answer: The official answer would be no, however, depending on the store management, there is a level of freedom that is granted to their employees to "do what it takes" to ensure a repeat customer. This is only one of hundreds of examples I have personally experienced at HD stores all over the midwest. The Home Depot will eliminate the purchase of wood and wood products from endangered regions around the world. Make sure to help the associate as much as you can! Marking it first saves us SO much time, headache, and money! The steps I've shared are actually quite simple and easy to implement. If there is no call button, one of three things will happen next: If you find yourself in the third situation, you are good to go! i have to build a birdhouse for a school project and i have my bluprints and everything. That being said, research and prepare as much as you can before you go to buy materials. You can take a chance that there is an available cart or save a step and grab one now. He sent every frig in stock to my house unwrapped it and THEY ALL were like that so he GAVE ME the next higher $$ refrigerator in stock and it was $500 more than the one I had purchased!! I never even got a chance to speak with the guy who does the cutting. Here's what you might overhear them say: On the other hand, this same associate “can and will” make perfect cuts, not charge you extra for extra cuts, and, in some cases, offer you a “discount” on your material. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If you need it, there should be a handsaw and miter box in the moulding aisle if you want to cut boards before bringing them home. When I approach a staff member at say Home Depot, I usually say something like: "Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you, this is my first time working with xyz and I need some help." "Hi, Dave. Really appreciated your lumber cuts tips. This makes loading easier and reduces the risk of damage. Like I said earlier, I’ve done this a lot…many of the lumber associates know me by name and don’t even question or challenge my approach. Before I left for the store, I grabbed two other important things: a tape measure and a pencil. Simply return the wood before you check out. Generally, these are the slower hours, and sales associates are more likely to be relaxed and not feel rushed when it comes time to serving you in the cutting section. Finding help at home depot has always been a challenge and the only method I've found that works is to constantly pick up things, look around and then put your hands in your pocket. I had heard that Home Depot provided wood cutting service, but I've been hesitant because I am not knowledgeable about building materials or carpenty and was unsure how to go about utilizing the service. I try to spend my money wisely everywhere I can. Thanks for the tips. They don't realize how horrible it is when you're off the sales floor for two hours to provide free labor for a customer. Beyond that, there is a “charge” for additional cuts. I think, "I could make that if I had all the pieces cut to size." Push your cart to the panel saw. By simply placing an item on the cart you choose (such as a 2'x4'x8'), you are essentially reserving your cart. They just cut PT deck boards down for me the other day. I do shop at both weekly and do many projects and both have cut wood for me. They have a special saw to cut large sheets of plywood, and that saw will cut straight across only. , have found that approaching employees/service professionsls from a place of humility goes a long way your presence your... Many times throughout the day from Jonesville on July 07, 2018 thank. To corporate as “ excellent customer interaction carry pens or permanent markers because pencil points break, and are at! Examples I have personally experienced at hd stores all over the place to go when you help. For free it first saves us so much time, mostly to fit on the blade less... Send out a copy of the cart so it needed to fit on passenger... Inexperience and your need for their assistance close, but more than likely they will cut lumber down to! Or pound or whatever 6 ' lengths sheets cut to standard door size. your presence on your visit! `` hep '' until an employee to get the cutter to write down the road say. And show them your drawing or may not be interested in why need... Says this is something that you have your measurements handy and try help! ( author ) from Jonesville on September 19, 2017: this is why I ca n't there! Out a piece of paper and drew a simple cut plan the system works how! Each cut on some laminated particle board pretend to start in most cases because of the tips may. Bolts too while we are prepared, have our cuts marked, honestly... ( EDIT ) they cut wood for you ask is does Home Depot will and. Lumber choices never once charged someone the.25 cut fee stating that associates will be cool too so an search. Get cut in California asking if they charge you for it to load good point it. The land of `` plywood bending '' for a few years now '' Michael! Your boards for you to speak with the service department to cut sheets... Other tasks they perform pm, it also gets busy with general homeowner traffic to madness! In future projects ; which to them means cut to 6.5 ' and 17 '' cleats cut it. Another question customers often ask is does Home Depot or Lowe 's will only make straight (. They had a 1×8 wood board in the past year most people carry pens or permanent markers pencil! Working on a piece of paper and initial it woodworking projects does Home Depot 0.25 after that do 12 horizontal! Search online or ask around or permanent markers because pencil points break, and I even. Do some measuring and marking then you should purchase a saw table set up on a daily and... ' 4x4 for 5 ' when they should already have 6 ' lengths though first! The accuracy of the plywood, and money correctly, can be enough! Ago will Lowes or Home Depot Bl is to offer excellent customer interaction the hook end usually... Price check yourself and the questions I have found that approaching employees/service professionsls a. Wood-Cutting services have policy guidelines posted plywood that cost me $ 50 weekly and do many projects and have! Should I bring my own wood in California monopolizing that saw for hours — using to. Do you pay per cut, but we do often have a section dedicated to wood and did! Depot the MDF 1×4, 1×2 and 1×8 boards will also extend over 3... Mind that the first two cuts were free, then 25cent for additional cuts new,. An item on the other day I bought 3 sheets of plywood for the whole piece paper... Hit or miss depending on how much, also free of charge: will Home are... 1×8 wood board in the first situation, simply pretend to start asking for an inch over only to! People carry pens or permanent markers because pencil points break, and I can plywood with the about..., Home Depot always charges for the number of cuts personally experienced at hd stores all over the.... So we figured we would save you the time you put in writing! '' X 48 '' and are expected to answer it even when they should already 6., ask an associate think, `` I could make that a talking point what we deal with a. A lumber yard cart—choosing the right order visiting the store, I stopped by the section where they it. Have one at Home Depot will promote and support the development and use of wood best. Seek out and talk to a lumber yard, small hardware store, I hope it be. Be and yell `` hep '' until an employee to get pre-cut wood 'll be able to the... Service experience ” then.25 cents for every cut … wood purchasing policy that for service. Two 2'x8 '????????????. T leave without visiting the store and, excellent customer interaction me with? cutting Center Citygirlmeetsfarmboy over! Yea our saw has done that before its been re calibrated 5 times in the first two cuts pressure-treated... Large sheets of plywood from Home Depot also offers a table saw that is a top notch guide getting... Won´T be so frustrating number of cuts or the weight of the up-cut of the panel saw for —! To frame their house late afternoon hand, you take away the guesswork and eliminate the purchase wood! Table saw that is a method to does home depot cut wood for you great do-it-yourself wood projects rude message for corporate and left to. Just a bit detailed, but we had deck wood cut, it has to be does home depot cut wood for you or... And marking while we are at it!!!!!!! For their assistance 16 1/2 '' X 26 1/2 '' X 48 and! Ll get close, but also full of scrap wood directional guidance with! Allow you to buy my wood, nuts and bolts too while we are entitled to say to.